7 NEWS – Over 5 million toddler tantrums a day in Australia!

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November 23, 2022
1 min read

???? WOW… over 5 million toddler tantrums every day across Australia!

Channel 7 interview Paediatrician Dr Daniel Golshevsky (AKA Dr Golly) and Paediatric Psychologist Amanda Abel shining some light on behavioural problems facing EVERY family in Australia!!

A new study shows that across Australia there are over 5 million toddler tantrums or challenging behaviour taking place every day – for many families this can be overwhelming and knowing what to do and say can be a struggle. Kallie Hunter is a mother of a three and one year old and is not stranger to this.

Reporter Ashlea Hansen reports on the program Dr Golly and Amanda Abel have launched to help families approach Toddler Tantrums.

Watch the full clip here:

The Toddler Toolkit is a NEW online course recently launched to remind parents that challenging toddler behaviour and tantrums is completely normal but with the correct approach we can decrease both the frequency and severity of tantrums.

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