In-store September 2023

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drgolly book
drgolly book
your baby doesnt come with a book
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Melissa Ambrossini

“Dr Golly is every new mama’s
best friend.”

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Rachael Finch

“I wish I had this book when I was pregnant
with our first child.”

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Gretta Van Riel

“We rave about Dr Golly to everyone
we meet!”

Each baby needs different things at different ages and developmental stages. So instead of trying to force a baby into a mould, this book is designed to empower you, as parents and caregivers, to:

  • know what to expect in the first four weeks
  • better understand your baby
  • interpret their cues
  • respond accordingly
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This book combines:

  • a wealth of experience
  • academic research
  • scientific data
  • anecdotal evidence
  • expert advice

…all at your fingertips!