toddler toolkit
Toddler Toolkit

Toddler Toolkit : 1-5 Years


The Toddler Toolkit is an online self paced course. It is the only toddler parenting course designed and written by a Paediatrician and Paediatric Psychologist.

This course will empower you to know what to do and say when your toddler:
  • Loses their mind getting into the car
  • Protests-loudly when it’s time to leave the playground
  • Will.not.get.out.of.the.bathtub.
  • Refuses to eat your perfectly prepared meal - again!
  • Does the 4,382 things that currently leave you dumbfounded, discouraged and desperate.

Will this course help?

Yes. in lots of ways

At the end of your tether?

We’ll help you to learn to manage meltdowns, tantrums and everything in between.

Sick of battling & saying no?

We’ll give you the practical tools to proactively encourage and foster positive toddler behaviour.

Align As Parents

Parenting as a team is what our toddlers need from us, bring joy back to parenting together.
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Learn more about the Toddler Toolkit

The Toddler Toolkit is your one stop shop for parenting toddlers – learn more from Dr Golly and Amanda about how the programs works and their top tips.

Toddler bundle deal

Need help with sleep as well?

The bundle deal includes:
  • Pre-School Sleep Program: 2-5 Years RRP $100
  • Toddler Toolkit: 1-5 years old RRP $100
toddler toolkit

Sleeping & settling
program: 2-5 year olds

toddler toolkit

Toddler toolkit:
1-5 year olds

Bundle & Save

Does this sound familiar?

  • Feel like everything is a battle: mealtime, bath time, bedtime, getting dressed, getting undressed…. yep everything!
  • Sick of saying NO. ALL. THE. TIME
  • Tired of yelling, bribing, nagging
  • Worried you’re impacting the long term development of your child
  • Embarrassed by your toddler in public
  • Hitting, bitting, pulling hair has become an issue
  • At the end of your tether

You are NOT alone – we HEAR you!

We have all the tools & resources to ease you into a gentler,
more confident way of parenting.