Baby Sleep Program

Big baby sleep program : 4-8 Months


The Dr Golly™ Sleep Program is a series of online self-paced learning courses including videos, written modules & downloadable PDFs.

  • How to avoid 4mth sleep regression
  • Empowering you as a parent with all the basics
  • Introducing solids
  • Dropping night feeds
  • Aim to be sleeping 7pm to 7am by 6 mths

Will this course help?

Yes. in lots of ways

Avoid a 4 month sleep regression

That’s right - this doesn’t need to be a thing! Be empowered with what is happening to your baby at 4 months.

Introducing solids

I guide you through all the basics, recognise signs of readiness and how to manage allergens.

Learn how to drop night feeds

Our aim in the Big Baby program is to be sleeping 7pm-7am by 6 months.
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What’s covered in “Big baby sleep: 4-8 Months”

  • Avoiding a 4 month sleep regressions
  • Introducing solids & managing allergens
  • Early morning waking, linking sleep cycles 
  • Dropping night feeds
  • Multiple routines and settling techniques to suit your family 
  • Aim is to be sleeping 7pm-7am by 6 months

Meet Dr Golly

Hi, I’m Dr Golly.

Paediatrician and father of 3. I’m here to tell you there’s no better parent for your little one than you.

I’ve created these online learning courses to empower you with the skills and knowledge to ensure your whole family gets a good night’s sleep.

dr golly

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Bundle & Save

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The sleep bundle deal includes

DrGolly Sleep bundle

6x Aged Based Programs:

  • Preparation to Newborns: 0-4 Weeks RRP $100
  • Little Baby Sleep Program: 4-16 Weeks RRP $100
  • Big Baby Sleep Program: 4-8 Months RRP $100
  • Pre-Toddler Sleep Program: 8-12 Months RRP $100
  • Toddler Sleep Program: 1-2 Years RRP $100
  • Pre-School Sleep Program: 2-5 Years RRP $100

2x Program Supplements:

  • Second Child Supplement RRP $50
  • Twins Supplement RRP $50