Beyond the Bump Podcast: Jayde Couldwell & Sophie Pearce interview Dr Golly

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June 19, 2023
1 min read

Winter bugs, how do we cope and when do they end?! Jayde Couldwell & Sophie Pearce interview Dr Golly, paediatrician

  • Eastern versus Western medicine practices.
  • What are the most common illnesses in kids during Winter?
  • How do you treat lice? And is there any way to prevent it?
  • What are some red flags we should look out for in our kids when it comes to winter illnesses?
  • What does Dr Golly have in his medicine kit at home that’s worth parents having?
  • What’s a normal amount of illnesses per year?
  • Should we be sending our kids to daycare to build a stronger immune systems?
  • Do immunisations help with all the illnesses?
  • And much more!