Constipation & Toilet Training

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September 23, 2021
1 min read

Constipation can be the cause or symptom of toileting problems

Constipation can sometimes be the cause of toileting problems – but also the other way round.

Forcing a child to toilet train when they aren’t developmentally and emotionally ready can result in withholding behaviour and ultimately cause constipation too.

Tips for ensuring a happy toilet training experience

1. Keep the pressure off, there is seldom any rush for toilet training

2. Maintain happy, colourful language around toileting, it’s never shameful

3. Practice ‘timed toileting’ with regulartoilet sits for a few minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner

4. Make dietary changes to keep things soft and moving, avoiding constipation as much as possible

Talk to your child’s doctor about constipation

Remember: You can always talk with your child’s doctor about ways to manage constipation.

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