Dr Golly’s NEW Books – ‘Oh Baby Oh Baby What do you Need?’ – Featured TODAY SHOW EXTRA

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Article by Alannah O'Kane
June 28, 2024
1 min read

Appearance Thursday April 18th 2024

Dr Golly’s NEW Books – Oh Baby Oh Baby What do you Need? – FEATURED ON TODAY EXTRA

Dr Daniel Golshevsky Caught up with David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffreys to chat about his NEW children’s book ‘Our Baby, Our Baby, What do you need?’ and how it relates to real life.

It’s about two things:
1. reading your baby’s cues &
2. involving older children in the care of their newborn siblings

After about 3-4 months of a new baby arriving, older children have a very predictable, sudden deterioration in behaviour. It can manifest in many forms (eg: tantrums, violence, bedwetting, etc.) but the more they feel included in the care of the new baby, the less likely this deterioration will occur or at least be significant.

Watch the full segment here

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