#DRGOLLYDAD Fathers’ Day 2023

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Article by Alannah O'Kane
September 01, 2023
17 min read

What is a #DRGOLLYDAD ?

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I’m BIG ON THE HEAVY INVOLVEMENT OF DADS (& non breastfeeding partners) from day 1!

This father’s day I want to celebrate all the #DrGollyDads out there who are:

💩changing nappies
😭 settling
🧠sharing the mental load
😴understand the sleep routine
🤱🏼protect the breastfeeding mother

Here’s a list of all the amazing Dr Golly Dads nominated this year!



Why you love them

Mathias  First time dad and an amazing one! I go to the gym in the morning and this man already cleaned the house, bottles are sterilised, breakfast ready, baby dressed! Day and night he shares the load with me which is more that I could have asked for! Love him
Adam The most incredible loving father, who has taken on all forms of parenting the last month while mum has been unwell and not at home. Incredibly kind, patient, caring, and still great at telling dad jokes! Keeping our little household running! 💕
Anthony My Dr Golly Dad! Anthony, he is the most loving, caring, helpful dad of our two boys ever! He washes, cooks, cleans, nurses when mummas had to much, plays, settles and pats the baby and most of all always makes sure I’ve got my morning oats and coffee 🥰 All whilst working full time❤️
Udit Twin parent to newborns (corrected age 10weeks). Has assisted with every single feed (mix feeds) every night. Colic and refluxy bubs. Absolute hero!


Thirun Our Dr Golly Dad is Thirun Nadason. Love him for handling every ‘crisis’ with such calm, never letting me beat myself up for a boo boo and making me feel that I’m nailing this whole parenting thing.
Matt This is Matt – It’s his first Father’s Day this year! He truly is the best Daddy every to our beautiful baby Harriet. From the mintue she arrived earth side he has just taken to being a Daddy – helping with feeds, washing bottles, changing nappies, settling, doing bath time and the nightly bedtime routine. Not only has he been amazing with Harriet, but I could not have survived the first year without him. Those first 4 months were tough, and he was there for me in the exact ways I needed him.
Rob Here’s my Dr Golly Dad (my husband rob). I’m currently 4.5 weeks postpartum and he is doing it all! Brings me drinks/food while I’m breast feeding, does all the overnight nappy changes, cooking/cleaning and dressed our toddler for book week all last week! Definitely a different type of divide and conquer conversation before baby #2 compared to the first!
Jim  Thanks for being the best. Always putting us first. Couldn’t imagine life without you. Love Ab, Lakey, Hazey, Quinn & Fenn XO
Joel This is my husband Joel. I feel unbelievably lucky to be parenting with him. From the beginning, he has been involved with everything, attends all drs apts, did all my ivf injections and when she was born it continued, he was the primary carer when our daughter was born so I could rest and recover as much as possible so he is as “hands on” as you can get, there is nothing he won’t do for our daughter. And he also makes sure I am sleeping enough, feeds me and ensures I have “me” time everyday. I always knew he would be a great dad but seeing him be so present for her and for me makes my heart sing 💞
Ben Dr Golly Dad – Ben. We love him because he is our rock. Always there through the ups and downs of baby and now toddler life. He also took the time to be invested in the program and follows it to a T!
Chris Ivy has been a Dr Golly baby since birth at Cabrini and we have followed his program from the time she was 6 weeks old. She is now nearly 18 months old and it has worked amazingly for us! Chris is the most amazing dad. He is the true definition of an equal parent and brings so much magic and fun to our family, every day. Ivy absolutely adores her Daddy.
Matt The best dad! 😊 Matt radiates positive energy and warmth; he is a glass half full guy, he’ll always get his hands dirty (read: no nappy or vomit could ever scare him off) and he helps balance me out in every way, every day. Seeing our daughter Layla beam when she lays eyes on him just melts me – not to mention everyone else in our little South Coast community! We are incredibly lucky to call him ours.
Sam My husband, Sam is one of a kind. He was born to be a Dad. He is loving, supportive, caring and always showing up with a smile and a lame Dad joke. He cooks, cleans, settles the baby, changes nappies, baths the kids, does the shopping every week, never misses a school/ sporting event, goes to work everyday and most importantly is always happy and making us laugh. All and all he just makes my life easier. I’d be lost without him ❤️
Aaron Show me a dad who works full time, wakes up early to let mum have a sleep in after a rough night, takes care of bedtime routine every single night, and spends his whole weekend looking after us – he is our Superdad!
Trent Harry’s Dad ❤️ My husband has taken on such an active and hands on role in our family since the day our boy was born. We would be lost without him!

Chris We love our Dad because he lives and breathes our boys. Short of breast feeding, he does it all and doesn’t miss a beat!
Lewis Dr Golly. This is my Dr Golly Dad. He cut up my dinner when I was a new mum breastfeeding. And we are about to do it all again in 4 weeks!
Rob This is my dr golly dad. I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second and before I was pregnant this man did a lot but since being pregnant he is the main carer for our nearly 3yo. He cooks, cleans, changes nappies, does the washing… you name it. We are moving this week and hd has packed up an entire house with minimal help from me. In this photo he is teaching our toddler to give me foot massages. This guy is one in a million 🥰
Josh  My Dr Golly Dad Why I love him – his selfless heart and kind and caring nature. We worked through your little baby program together. The amount of settling, changing nappies, housework, cooking, BURPING, and caring for me in the newborn days was beyond! ✨
Damien We love you because you are our rock and always put us first.
Josh Josh, dad of Aisling , who spends every moment thinking of what he can do to make mummy and daughter smile
Dom Dom is 1000% a Dr golly dad. I love his attentiveness, and willingness as a father. We share all roles we can and he couldn’t have been more supportive around breastfeeding. Even helping with latching for the first 6 weeks after my emergency c-section when I was too sore. He does all the things on your list and will keep doing those things. He is awesome!
James Our Dr Golly Dad is James, dad to Harry. He has been an unwavering emotional support to us since Harry was born. With every challenge we’ve faced (months of sleepless nights) he’s stepped up more and more to help share the load and we couldn’t be more grateful ❤️
Grant Grant, my partner, has been a ‘Dr Golly Dad’ from the get go. When I suffered post natal anxiety after having Leo in July 2022 Grant was primary carer for Leo, as well as supporting me. His resilience and focus on ‘routine’ has meant Leo is thriving and emotionally balanced toddler!
Nick This is Nick with our baby, Theo, and I thought of him when I saw your post about Dr Golly dads! I am breastfeeding so much of the night time stuff falls to me, but Nick does so much to support me and care for Theo. He comes home early from his job as an English head of department and plays with Theo while I shower and eat dinner, he watches the monitor early in the night to resettle Theo if he isn’t hungry yet so I can get a few hours sleep at the start of the night, he cleans, and makes sure I have water when feeding. Most importantly, he showers Theo with love! We have a blended family and I’ve loved watching Nick be an incredible dad to my stepdaughter and stepdad to my older kids, but having Theo together after many years of trying will make this Father’s Day truly special. 💙
Mike My husband Mike, Works full time at a stressful job but still manages to takes over when he gets home and looks after our two babies (19 months and 2 months) bath time, bed time and stays up to turn around the house for the next day (to only name a few things he does for us!) To be partnered with a man that appreciates the load and pressure of motherhood is life changing. He is everything to us. ❤️
James My husband is incredible as my support person and constant helper and our kids everything. He is the king of bed time and the bath routine and helps me with everything all hours if needed, couldn’t do this amazing parenting role without him x happy Father’s Day!
Jason My partner Jason became a single full time dad 13 years ago after his late partner passed away of cervical cancer. He would have loved to have more children but unfortunately, the circumstances didn’t allow. I met Jason after many failed rounds of IVF and cervical cancer that eventually bought my marriage undone. I thought my dreams of becoming a mother were over. Jason and I did a round of IVF together after I had graduated from my dentistry degree with the plan to wait a year before we tried embryo transfers. Mother Nature had other plans, and we found out we were pregnant June last year. Our little premmy miracle bubba was born at 35 weeks (my water broke in front of a patient at work) and ever since then Jason has been in his element. Taking over night feeds (expressed breast milk) so I could rest and recover from my c section, nappy changes, making sure I eat and drink enough water and taking over so I can shower and feel more human.
Daniel This is my partner, Daniel, a Dr Golly dad! He is constantly trying to do more for us. Since day 1, he was there for every single breastfeed until we got the hang of it. These days (14 months on), he does all baths and does all the dishes to share the load. He even changed jobs so that work could be more flexible and he could have more time to be present and watch our baby grow. He will always support my own endeavours to go out for a dinner with friends or to go for a walk or a workout and watch the baby while I fill my cup. We appreciate everything he does for us. EXTRA: He always without fail filled up my water bottle in the early weeks and months of breastfeeding! A legend!
Jonathan Photo of my amazing husband, Jonathan, who has been the best father to Mia and Ethan. He gets involved in settling, bathtime, bedtime and understands our schedule (and how important it is to me). Not only that, he is currently the primary carer to our little ones while I return to work full time. He’s stepped up to the plate and we love him so much 💕
Eddie This is Eddie and his dad Fergus. Eddie is 7 months old. Fergus goes above and beyond to ensure Eddie and I have everything we need. In the early days Fergus bought us the Dr Golly program and read the whole thing. He is accross the board with Eddie’s sleeping, solids and developmental needs. He’s been my biggest support throughout breast feeding. Fergus will tell anyone that listens about the Dr Golly program. Haha. I love how proud he is
Aaron This guy!! Decided it was time to walk away from his special forces career to be the stay at home dad so I could have the opportunity to peruse nurse practitioner in oncology. And I don’t feel like I’m missing out because he sends me cute photos through out the day. We wouldn’t be the family without him! It was soo worth waiting for him to get what whatever he does in that career to have kids
Alex I’d love to nominate my husband, Alex! He has fully embraced dad life 🥹 He understands your sleep program in and out, and helps me remember the important bits! And oh my, how he loves his baby – he literally calls dibs so he can wear Noah in the carrier or push the pram 🥹❤️
Nathan Nathan and our bub Indiana. The no. 1 Dr Golly Dad who does the night settles, picks up our click and collect orders and cooks the yummiest dinners to keep our house going. Plus he gives the best cuddles 💕
Ted We became parents at the young age of 21 + 23. Ted is the most nurturing and responsive Dad to Scarlett. He cooks, cleans, does drop off for kindy, shares the mental load. But most of all, he is FUN. They love to PLAY and spend TIME together. And that’s the key to a beautiful childhood 🫶🏽
Ben Our incredible Daddy! I love this beautiful husband of mine, Ben for all the insightful and thoughtful things he does for us as a mother of two under two. Cleaning, bedtime, baths, swimming lessons, groceries & hands on play with our darling boys. 
Matt Dr Golly Dad, Matt. Always giving me the moments to catch my breath because he truly is 1 half of this parenting gig. Does it all. Especially when daddy and Eli bring me coffee in bed on Saturday mornings and I listen to their giggles as they make it.
Luke Our Dr Golly dad, Luke 🩵 has not missed a beat becoming a father. When our son was in the NICU for 4 weeks (born at 32+5 due to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome) he was working full time, then supporting me while I pumped through the night without our son with us, driving us back and forth from the hospital and carrying the mental load of the house. Now he probably gets up to him more than I do even though I’m still on maternity leave – oops 🤣 He has never once made us feel like a chore, or a stress in his life and is our rock through it all

Chris Chris is the most wonderful Dad to our little 1yr Beau! He’s done the work and taken on the load of fatherhood in full stride resetting the “idea” of what a dad is today. Your hands on and I love watching Beau copy your gentle and respectful way you live life. We love you! Happy Father’s day!!!
Julian Our Dr Golly Dad. Name: Julian Liston Why we love him: because he is a true team player, helps with everything he possibly can without being asked to, and is the most loving and supportive dad and husband imaginable ❤️
Aydan Aydan (Dad) is constantly telling new parents and friends about your burping method and how it settled our beautiful Bub. Here is a pic of him doing his upright time 💕💕
Josh Josh King – The ultimate dad! I’ve gone back to work this week and he is now on 4 months paternity leave. Heavily involved with their lives, routines and decisions. The kids adore their dad and we are all grateful for him. We love your toddler ebooks and wisdom! 

I’ve also just finished breastfeeding after 11 months and he is has supported me every day and night by comforting, changing the nappies and went and got me my favourite wine to celebrate the achievement

Alex Sending my Dr Golly Dad Alex with Baby Lucas. Alex takes on as much responsibility for Lucas that he can possibly fit into a day (and night) and if he can wake up earlier so I can have a sleep in he always will!
Jared I have the ultimate Dr Golly Dad for you, after following your advice that non breastfeeding parent does all of the settling, my husband Jared spent 9 sleepless nights in a row implementing your settling techniques. While myself who was breastfeeding got to rest and sleep. On the 10th night our daughter finally slept through! When all my Mum friends asked how we did it, they were in awe of Jared’s persistence and that I got to sleep 😴 he is an amazing Dad!
Darcy The best father and husband 🤍 He equally shares the load when he’s home and is our absolute rock 🤍


My Dr Golly dad who has taken over all the house chores while I spend time being ‘mum’. Also listens to Dr Golly’s podcasts too!

Garth This is our Dr Golly Dad- Garth. He’s an amazing father who is always going above and beyond to care for our daughter and me! Right from the start he was in it 100%. He’s our hero!
Andy Hes a first time Dad and I’ve never had to ask him to do any of the Dr Golly Dad things – he just does them! How lucky we are ❤️
Mitch My daughters Dr Golly Dad- does bath and bed time every single night when he is home. The first picture is when he came home from a 4 week Defence exercise, that night did bath and bedtime routine in his uniform! 

He also helps so much with the mental load. Charlotte and I love you super dad!

Chris He works hard and as soon as he’s home takes over baby duties from bathing, to feeding and settling for bed
Karl My beautiful husband Karl, dad to Olive (18 weeks) and Charlie (22 months). He works full time but any second he’s not at work he is hands on with our family, helping me and nurturing our hectic, crazy little unit! I could list 100 things about what a beautiful, kind, generous, emotionally present and aware father and partner he is, but words would not do him justice. Happy Father’s Day Karl my love.
William I love my Dr Golly Dad because he does everything my Dr Golly Mum does ❤️
Todd Todd is the best husband and father I could have ever hoped for! He’s incredibly hands on and couldn’t ask for anything more – the definition of a Dr Golly Dad right here!
Alex This is Lily and her super Dad Alex! He is so supportive, loving and fun and we couldn’t do it without him! He is the best Dad in the world and we are so lucky to have him ☺️
Luis Runs a busy business, but always has time to be present for his 3 kids & wife. Never shies away from housework, nappy changes or lending a helping hand with anything at all!
Nik Hi Dr Golly 😊 here is my #DrGollyDad to be! He cooks, he cleans, he washes, vacuums and is a domestic God! I know when bubba arrives in a few short months, he will continue being the legend he is ❤️ he even promised to do some night feeds so I can get sleep.
Nathan He’s not just the fun dad, he’s breadwinner, but still offers to take the day off if our daughter is sick. He is has the patience of a saint and happily changes the funky nappies. And while I’m suffering by in the first trimester he has picked up literally every household chore I’d be lost without him.
Mitchy We love our Dr Golly dad because he has our backs first and foremost 100% of the time. He was the most selfless dad and husband when we welcomed our second child taking on more than his fair share so I could recover from my c-section and focus on establishing breastfeeding in the first 6 weeks for our little boy. Now things have settled a little he is still in the trenches with me day in day out.
Luke Here is a photo of our Dr Golly Dad! We love him so much! He has become the most hands on, amazing father who is a blessing to our new family!
Jamie Dr golly dad- always shows up for mum AND baby. Shares the load, both physical and mental. Always a shoulder to cry on. Always backs the family ❤️


Dear Dr Golly Jimmy is the best dad for our newborn Emmanuel He follows your sleep program to a T Always help me with settling baby to nappy changes We all love him so much
Andrew We have been truly blessed with the most amazing father in Andrew he has been a true #DrGollyDad from the start. Thank you Andrew for being the most amazing husband and father to Forest and I. I appreciate the hot meals, the clean house, you taking control of moving house while Forest was only 9 weeks old, changing nappies, doing bath time to give me a break and advocating for my recovery and breastfeeding journey in the last 14 weeks. We love you all around the world and back again. Love Forest 👶 Ally 🐕‍🦺 and Krystal 👩🏻
Marty Here is our number 1 dad Marty Scott, incredible chef keeping mum fed and watered, top nappy changer, bather, dog walker and gives the best cuddles while mum gets rest – we love you so much!!! His support has made these first 4 weeks with Riley Bea bliss x
Mathew This is our Dr Golly dad, we love him because he’ll get our daughter up at 7am (as per the Dr Golly routine) no matter what in order to protect the sleep routine and let mum snooze a tiny bit longer. He could entertain our bub for hours and is her source of so much laughter and smiles 🤍🤍🤍
Padyn Most amazing dad to 20month old twins. Has absolutely smashed twin dad life and been there every step of the way. Supporting me through bedrest pre-twins, NICU/SCN for 7 weeks and multiple hospitalizations since born… never missed a beat 💕couldn’t have made it through without him.
Jason He has dubbed himself as a Golly-iever, we are all about Golly in this house. Not only is he Harvey’s pediatrician but we followed the program from day 1. From the burping, routines, making sure I was rested, cleaning to the helping with bed time and all the feeds. This is the ultimate Golly dad 💪🏻
Daniel This dad is awesome. Always helping, caring and being the fun present dad.
Marty Hi Dr Golly- this is my husband Marty and our baby Leo (now 9 months). I have the most amazing team mate who has gone above and beyond to share the load of the first few months and remind me of all the joys that go by. Even to remind me of the joy of those midnight cuddles on the sleepless nights.
Leigh We love Daddy for all physical and emotional support he gives baby Jack and I
Mahesh Daddy to Baby Ania.

Super hands on and loving to his like daughter and wife.

Douglas Super dad takes off every Tuesday to take care of both kids 😍
Morgan This is Morgan & our baby Andie. Morgan comes home from work for bath time, puts her down & resettles each night. Every morning he makes me breaky in bed whilst I feed before he goes to work.
Ernie I have a doctor golly daf and he’s not even their biological father 🥲I love our Doctor Golly Dad because he makes my life easier, and shows my girls how they should be loved 🥰
Sam He keeps us all calm, fed like royalty, does the 💩nappies in the morning & ensures the dishwasher & washing machine never stop. We love him & would be lost without him.
Ian This is our Dr Golly Dad, Ian, who has kept our ship afloat since Elle joined the family in May. He cooks, cleans, cares for Elle and gives great pep talks. We love him so much 💙
Josh He has been an absolute rock since our 16mth old entered the world in April ‘22. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer a few months after our bubba was born & he has absolutely looked after both of us in every way possible & has worn many hats over these past 16mths.

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