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What does the book cover?

Each baby needs different things at different ages and developmental stages. So instead of trying to force 
a baby into a mould, this book is designed to empower you, as parents and caregivers, to:

  • know what to expect in the first four weeks
  • better understand your baby
  • interpret their cues
  • respond accordingly
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Filled with practical advice, tips and techniques, this book combines:

  • a wealth of experience
  • academic research
  • scientific data
  • anecdotal evidence
  • expert advice

all at your fingertips!

Book reviews

bella messina
5 stars

Wow! How I wish this book was available with my first child! This book covers absolutely EVERYTHING you could need to know in your first 4 months of baby raising and is the perfect asset to compliment your transition out of hospital to your own home.

Isabella Messina

Dena Kaplan
5 stars

Insightful and extremely helpful for new parents! Easy to read and understand and even enjoyable unlike so many baby books!

Dena Kaplan

tahan lew fat
5 stars

It’s perfect for dads, it’s simple and pictures make it an easy read. Highly recommend the book to first time parents.

Tahan Lew Fat
Jessica Frank
5 stars
I am absolutely not surprised that this book debuted at #1. Such an amazing book for first time parents and parents to be! Super practical, easy to read and with zero judgement.
Jessica Frank
Sarah Bragias
5 stars
It’s everything I needed and more. Your Baby Doesn’t Come With A Book is genuinely your one stop shop for information about bub, that you would normally frantically search for on the internet as a new parent. You can absolutely trust the information in the book because it comes straight from a trusted source being Dr Golly.
Sarah Bragias
Kayla Gane
5 stars
I’ve absolutely loved the book so far, it’s everything I was missing when I was becoming a first-time mum. I love how simple and easy it is to read and how accessible the index is for when I’m needing an answer to a problem right away.
Kayla Gane
Shonee Bowtell
5 stars
Dr Golly has absolutely nailed this book! The information is so easily digestible, and full of great tips.
Shonee Bowtell
Brittany Darling
5 stars
I wish I had this book when I had my babies. The advice is realistic and reassuring and the illustrations make the advice so much easier to absorb.
Brittany Darling

Take a look inside

DrGolly Book illustrations

An illustrated, easy to digest baby book that is broken down into bite-sized chunks and easy to find chapters.

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This book is perfect for:

DrG Lie on side pregnant safety

First Time Parents

Best read in the third trimester – you’ll feel empowered going into birth and beyond.

DrG Changing Nappy Wet

Mums and Dads

This isn’t just a book for mums – Dr Golly encourages ALL parents & carers to learn from this book.

DrGolly baby shower baby scan

Baby Showers!

You’ll be the toast of the party if you arrive with a copy of this book; the most practical gift.

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