RED NOSE DAY – Creating Safe Sleeping Environments

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August 13, 2021
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What is the Red Nose Foundation?

This week is Red Nose Day and all funds raised go towards the research and prevention of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

To help prevent SIDS it is crucial that your baby is placed in a safe sleeping environment.

Baby Safe Sleeping Environments

To make a baby’s sleep environment a safe one it’s important to follow the SIDS guidelines including:

  1. A safe cot that meets Australian standards
  2. A firm, flat, clean mattress that is correctly fitted in the cot
  3. Sleep baby on their back
  4. Keep their head and face uncovered
  5. Safe bedding with no bulky bedding or cot bumpers
  6. Dressing your baby appropriately for the temperature of the room and not overheating them
  7. Ensure you are smoke free before and after pregnancy

It’s also important to ensure your baby is safely sleeping during the day while out and about.  If your baby falls asleep whilst in a capsule/car seat they should only be left there until they can be transferred to a safe sleeping environment such as a cot or bassinet.

For information and to donate see the Red Nose Foundation website here.

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