Dr Golly Baby Burping & Active Winding Technique

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April 27, 2021
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The secret to getting your baby sleeping through the night is BURPING

As a child, I used to memorise episodes of The Simpsons by heart. One of my favourite scenes sees Homer’s half-brother Herb borrow $2,000 to produce a baby-translating machine. Not surprisingly, it becomes an enormous commercial success and Herb paid Homer back with $8 and a Spine Melter 2000.

You are your baby’s translator

There is no doubt that a baby translator would indeed be a commercial success, but the truth is that you can already possess all the knowledge and ability to interpret your baby’s communication.

In my experience most parents will attribute every sound and squawk to be a sign of hunger, prompting frequent feeds and driving poor routines.

Burping is incredibly important

However; it is the trapped wind that drives many of these discomfort signs, and the sooner you learn to identify these cues, the sooner your whole family will be sleeping through the night.

Adequate winding (burping) is one of the most under-appreciated aspects to raising a newborn, which is why 3 entire chapters are devoted to it in the Dr Golly Sleep Program.

All babies need burping

Babies are obligate nose breathers – while a strong latch to the breast can minimise the amount of air that gets in – there is no way to stop a baby swallowing air during a feed (aerophagia), and if not burped out (eructated), this causes problems during the current and following feeds.

The 3 videos on wind in the Dr Golly Sleep Program

These videos will be help you to understand

1. The reasons why wind gets trapped

2. How to identify if your baby is uncomfortable due to wind – and most importantly,

3. The step-by-step technique to wind your baby effectively.

These are the first – and most important steps – in achieving a good night’s sleep with a newborn, after stretching out on your Spine Melter 2000.

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